THE ART OF FALCONRY is a children book for ages five to nine. Max the Falconer and his two new hawks, Victor and Delta live in the beautiful hills of Scotland, where their adventures take place. Max and his family have been living and training hawks for generations.  

Will Max be able to train their two new friends? Or will their love for freedom be too tempting? How will a young impulsive male and a strong willed female get along and work together?

The young reader will know what training a hawk is all about. But the true lesson and inspiration for the child will be the importance of learning how to walk before being able to run.Victor and Delta will illustrate, through a series of funny little adventures perseverance, tolerance and most of all the importance of friendship! Hard work and discipline will eventually help our two hawks grow into accomplished and happy hawks. See what surprises Mother Nature and the wild animals they meet have in store for them!

THE ART OF FALCONRY is beautifully illustrated in watercolor by author, Piki Nestares Phelps. If you are looking to rekindle the lost art of nighttime story telling, occupy those rainy afternoons or entertain the troops during a long car ride, this is a must for your children’s library.

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ISBN13 SOFT 978-1-4415-5421-5
ISBN13 HARD 978-1-4415-5422-2